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by admin on March 18, 2011

Christine Heathman
The Skin Diva
CEO & Founder of GlyMed Plus®,
Medical Master Aesthetician, LME, LMT, CME,
Advocate for Aesthetic Licensure,
Celebrity Skin Care Advisor

Christine Heathman is a Licensed Master Aesthetician, CME, LMT, Founder & CEO of GlyMed Plus Purely Professional Skin Care. A Nominated Legend in American Aesthetics, Christine has been recognized as a major influence in the Aesthetics industry for over 25 years. She was the guiding force in the passage of Utah State Gill HB 105 which propelled Utah as the first state to provide both an Esthetician license and a Master Esthetician license and continues to be a leading advocate for Estheticians and the safety of consumers nationwide, including her most recent role against Utah Senate Bill 54 which would allow physicians to hire inexperienced individuals to practice certain medical procedures unsupervised.

Christine is a powerful speaker, world-wide lecturer, educator and author of several skin manuals and editorials. Christine has worked in depth with burn and cancer patients and those suffering from traumatized skin conditions, being instrumental in helping them recover from the after effects of such tragedies. Christine has appeared several times on the popular health care program, The Doctors as well as Lifetime Television’s The Balancing Act and local news stations to share her expertise. Renowned as “The Skin Diva” in the entertainment industry, Christine provides expert and personalized skin care advice to celebrities and is frequently invited to high profile events including the Grammy’s, Emmy’s, Sundance Film Festival and most recently Elton John’s Academy Awards Viewing Party where she was the only Esthetician to have ever been invited to this prestigious event.

Christine is recognized as a major influence in the field of Aesthetics by the American Aesthetician Education Association and has remained loyal to the professional, applying her extensive knowledge and experience to facilitate American Esthetics and remains a commanding and authoritative influence in the skin care industry today.


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